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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply replacing one or two fixtures can cost an average of $4,000. If you plan to gut and renovate your bathroom, you could be spending at least $7,000 to $40,000. This depends much on the size of your bathroom and the quality of your finishes.

No, but hiring a designer can relieve you of a lot of work, especially with choosing materials, colors, etc.

Homeowners are advised to hire a bathroom designer when their bathroom is small. A designer can offer a lot in helping maximize the functionality of a small bathroom while enhancing its aesthetics. It is also good to hire a designer when the homeowner wishes to change the bathroom's footprint.

Making minor upgrades, such as replacing old or defective fixtures, can enhance a home's value by 10%. A full renovation, however, does not provide higher ROIs. Often, a complete bathroom remodel is aimed to increase the home's personal value, not market value.

Building a new space will cost an average of $25,000. Sometimes it can even go as high as $90,000. It is more economical to convert an existing area in the house into a bathroom.

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